Competition Team Logo

We believe that competition is as important to BJJ practitioners as drilling technique. The arena of competition reveals deficiencies, keeps the ego in check, and offers one of the best opportunities to gain valuable experience. Competition is the proof of the pudding. We understand that competing is not for everyone, but for those who choose to compete, we offer the best support of any club on the west coast.

The Competition Fund

Competing is expensive. Traveling off the island is expensive. That's why we created The Competition Fund ("CF"). The CF is a fund that helps to pay for The Competition Team members' travel and registration to "Eligible Competitions". At the beginning of the competition season, the Competition Team determines which competitions have the highest priority for our attendance, these become Eligible Competitions. 

The funds are raised over the low season through various campaigns including seminars, bottle drives, barbecues, and individual contributions. The funds that are available at the end of the low season are divided between the eligible competitions and as a result, each competition team member is supported by the fund when they attend an Eligible Competition.


We desire to build athletes. Athletes need support in order to attain the highest level of ability. We are dedicated to finding our promising students valuable sponsorship. Sponsors are encouraged to view our Competition Team Board to review competition records, bios and the type of sponsorship packages offered for each student. Please see the board here.

Becoming a Competition Team Member 

Any student at VIBJJ can compete. Being part of the VIBJJ Competition Team has some responsibilities. When a student becomes a Competition Team Member, that student:

  • commits to attending at least three Eligible Competitions per year.
  • must bear the competition team logo when training away from VIBJJ and while competing.
  • must participate in a meaningful way to fundraising efforts.
  • must keep a blog of events attended.
  • must represent the school in a manner that displays our tenets of honor, discipline and respect.

If you'd like to know more about our innovative ways of supporting our students, please send an E-mail to