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Zenthai Massage Workshop

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Join us in a night of learning basic Zenthai Shiatsu flows from local Zenthai proponent Izzy Shafey.

Zenthai Shiatsu is a movement based therapy with a reputation of being effective in dealing with issues of the musculo-skeletal , digestive and nervous system. It is a leverage and movement based approach which allows a practitioner to deliver a significant massage experience while placing little strain on one's own body.

Izzy will coach you through how to perform basic techniques on a partner. In this way you will learn how to move your partner in order to help relax and heal. You will not only receive a zenthai massage from your partner but you will learn the skills of how to give one too!

A little about Izzy:

With a natural attraction towards all things physical mixed with years of meditation experience, Izzy balances his innate inclination to keep moving with the serenity of stillness and finds these qualities at their peak while practising Zenthai Shiatsu, a unique combination of Shiatsu, Thai massage and Osteopathy infused with the heart of yoga . (See more at )

After graduating as a qualified Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist in Australia, Izzy returned to Canada and brought with him his new found skill, art and passion. He is currently studying to become an RMT in order to bring together the Holistic harmony that is Eastern bodywork with the in depth Western meticulously scientific understanding of the physiological miracle that is the human body.   

Izzy has taught dozens of workshops in Victoria, including at the 2016 Victoria Yoga Conference where he was a featured teacher. 

 Izzy's relationship to Martial Arts:

The founder of Zenthai Shiatsu is a long time practitioner and teacher of Martial arts, perhaps that is what has inspired me to learn from him. I have practised Muay Thai and Capoeira for many years and admittedly have only dabbled in Juijitsu although I aspire to practice it as soon as I am finished schooling. After years of practising Zenthai Shiatsu and martial arts they both now feel the same. The respect for the teacher and discipline, and the honing of one's own body relate so closely, but it's the approach to the body of the other that is perhaps what changes. The ultimate aim is to utilise one's own body and energy to facilitate healing in the partner instead of defeating or disabling the “opponent”, in that way I see Zenthai Shiatsu as the essential counterpart to martial arts for the body, mind, and spirit.

I feel like Zenthai Shiatsu is a very connecting discipline nourishing the body and inspiring a completely new way to view the body on the mat!


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