Tenzin's Last Night at VIBJJ

Our good friend Tenzin is leaving the Island and On December 23, 2014, he had his last night at VIBJJ. He requested that for his last night he be able to roll in competition style all willing students. There were eight willing candidates that ranked from white to purple belt. The students chose to roll either gi or no gi and Tenzin was required to oblige. Tenzin fought all eight candidates starting with the lowest ranked students first, and ending with the highest ranked students last. Each match started from the feet and lasted 4 minutes. 

Tenzin did really well in all of his matches. It is interesting to see the progression of priorities for Tenzin as he became fatigued and faced more skilled opponents. He went from submission and attack prerogatives to defend and attack and ultimately to survival as the weight of each successive match bared down upon him. Tenzin has a very good competition record and proved himself to be a warrior! We look forward to seeing the impact that the Vancouver BJJ community will have on Tenzin's jiujitsu!