Be First Competitions

This post is going to summarize our results of three Be First competitions, the only grappling competition held on Vancouver Island as of the writing of this post. Crusher Combat Sports ("CCS") hosts a quarterly competition utilizing IBJJF rules, with slight modifications. Local athletes often participate in order to gain competition experience without going to the mainland. 

November 23rd, 2013 - Be First 13 was held at Pacific Institute of Sporting Excellence ("PISE") at the Interurban Campus of Camosun College in Victoria, BC. Three VIBJJ students attended as competitors, Matheus, Thomas and Tenzin. Matheus fought in the blue belt division in the gi and the advanced division in the no-gi against strong opponents. One of his opponents was Tenzin who fought as a blue belt although he was still a four stripe white belt. Matheus took gold in both divisions and Tenzin took silver in the gi division. Thomas competed for the first time and was coached along by Jean-Marc. Thomas took an armbar in his first match against a three stripe white belt, although he only had a single stripe! It was a great match and Thomas was ecstatic even though he lost his next fight and was eliminated. Great Job VIBJJ!

March 22, 2014 - This competition was held at PISE and three VIBJJ team mates competed, Jean-Marc, Matheus and Julian. Although JM and Matheus both fought well and earned some hardware, Julian was the star of the event for VIBJJ as in his first competition he won his first fight with an armbar from the guard and his second match with a triangle choke.

June 23, 2014 - CCS hosted a no-gi only version of the Be First Tourney. This event was held at the CCS HQ. Two VIBJJ students attended this tournament, Julian and Tenzin. Becoming a veteran of the Be First Tournaments, Tenzin brought home the advanced no-gi gold medal. Julian fought considerably more skilled opponents, Julian himself having only competed once prior, and he brought home the bronze! Another successful event! 

VIBJJ is proud of all of our athletes and any of our students that join the competition Team!

                                                                                     Julian, Tenzin and Jean Marc

                                                                                     Julian, Tenzin and Jean Marc