Katana BJJ's Roots Challenge Competition

On July 5, 2014, Katana BJJ hosted the Roots Challenge, a gi event at the Fridge Gymnasium in Richmond BC. Check out Katana BJJ Here. VIBJJ took a team of killers over: Jean Marc, Matheus, Julian, and New competitor "Tornado" Myriam.

Jean Marc fought in the purple belt division and won a gold medal after a pristine performance. JM went on to win the absolute division bringing home the double gold. Of course he earned another flying armbar!

Matheus fought up to the adult division, being a juvenile. He fought some tough opponents with precision and secured the silver in both the gi weight division and absolute. 

Julian fought some great matches and won a fight by flying armbar! He also won a match with submission where his opponent tapped, but the fight resumed. He won by points in the end. Julian brought home a hard earned silver.

Myriam our first female competitor tore it up fighting heavier and more highly ranked opponents. Myriam's quick passing game served her well and she brought home the bronze!

We are so proud of all of our team mates that put it out on the line and end up better for it! Well done!