Gathering of The Clans

Vancouver Island Brazilian Jiujitsu coexists in Victoria BC with a few other reputable jiujitsu clubs. We try to foster working relationships with other instructors and school owners in order to gain depth and breadth of our experiences and knowledge.

We have a symbiotic relationship with Dragon Martial Arts (DMA) owned and operated by Rick LeBlanc and Ryan Taylor. DMA operates out of Olsen's Martial Arts in Colwood. DMA is a Royce and Rodrigo Gracie school and Rick and Ryan run a tight ship. Check out their site here.

DMA's sister club, is run by a Royce Gracie brown belt, Gabe out of a high school in Victoria BC. We have a symbiotic relationship with Gabe and Nick and we will often see them at the Gathering of the Clans.

Every month to two months we run a joint class called The Gathering of the Clans. It's an open mat which gives students of all clubs an opportunity to roll with students of different backgrounds, to network and to help foster a stronger politic free BJJ community. The cost to students is usually between free and $10.

If you'd like to attend The Gathering of the Clans, please E-mail or check our events page as the upcoming gatherings will be posted as an event.