Ram Ananda Workshop: Modern Jiujitsu

On August 22, 2015 Van Isle BJJ and Podium Kimonos hosted 2x IBJJF World Champion and Cobrinha black belt Ram Ananda who presented a two day workshop that focused on modern jiujitsu techniques.

Ram visited Vancouver Island as part of a tour of the Pacific Northwest in which he was sharing details on sport jiujitsu principles and strategies. Ram is well known for playing a strong spider guard game. Spider guard is an often overlooked modern open guard that is emerging as a go-to guard. Since spider guard is a dynamic open guard it is closely related to popular open guards such as the de la Riva (DLR) and reverse DLR, Lasso and X-guard. Spider guard can be used as a transition between these guards and is useful also as a basis for sweeps and submission attempts.

Ram started the workshop with basic principles specific to open guard. Spider specific shrimping and reguard tactics as well as gripping details were first on the agenda before the transition was made to more dynamic movements and concepts. Some of these concepts included a quick run down of modern passing strategy in order to show what a strong guard player is up against. This was my favorite part of the workshop as Ram augmented my knowledge of some of the details of the leg drag. I had attended the Gianni Gripo seminar in Vancouver held at Revolution BJJ a month or so earlier and was eloquently reminded of some of the tactics being used to pass modern guards. Ram ended the workshop days with rolling. Although he was relaxed and in good spirits, you'd never know it rolling him as he had answers for everything, playing his game with amazing effectiveness.    

Ram brought James Goh along for the tour. At the time James was a blue belt Abu Dhabi Pro World Champion. James complimented the workshop well as he obviously had a strong working knowledge of the concepts Ram showed. He was fun to roll with too ;)

The workshop was a great experience, and we look forward to hosting Ram again in the future.