2015 Roots Challenge

Van Isle BJJ participated in the 2015 Roots challenge hosted by KatanaBJJ at the Richmond Olympic Oval on august 8, 2015. KatanaBJJ is becoming well known in the Pacific Northwest as being one of the best organizers of well attended Brasilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. We are always pleased to compete at this event as we know there are qualified referees, and the event follows the well defined rule set of the IBJJF. The event is supported by Alex Law Photography and Float House.

The team consisted of Alex "Roid" McCoid, Myriam "Little Murder" Luzadas, Jason "shwacon" Du, Will "De Beast" Hodges, Julian "Jules" Goodman, "little Matt" de Groot and JM "The Flying Tomato" de Groot. 

Jason fought first earning a kimura win. He advanced to the finals after a competitor was disqualified. He won his gold medal in the white belt division with a triangle. Congratulations Jason!

Myriam fought two weight classes up and met Andrea, a competent rival. Andrea scored the first takedown and racked up points passing and mounting. Myriam was able to escape to her feet which resulted in her opponent pulling guard. Myriam worked a double under pass and her opponent turtled and shot a single. The match ended with Myriam in bottom half and down by points. Myriam fought again in the absolute division and was unable to place.

Alex fought a great match after having not competed in three years. Alex has recovered from paralysis after an accident three years ago and has made a strong recovery leading up to his match! He found a worthy opponent who led with a takedown as a counter to Alex's attack. Alex found himself on the bottom and eventually fought his way back to his feet, but was down on points. He was able to push the fight to the ground after throwing his opponent with an ura nage, however his opponent turtled and so there were no points scored. Alex lost position after an attempted back take and fought of his back the remainder of the match. The match ended with Alex down on points.

Julian fought a two stripe blue belt and each exchanged tomoe nage throws. There were some submission attempts from both sides and the match was exciting! Ultimately, Julian lost via points.

Will De Beast was thrown via harai goshi and found himself fighting out of a DEEP bow and arrow choke. He somehow escaped and ended on top to work a beautiful backstep pass. His opponent turtled and worked a double leg after which time will fought the reaminder of the match looking for submissions from the closed guard. He was unable to secure a finish but found himself attacking armbars, triangles and omoplatas. He lost via points.

JM fought friend Brian Chang for the open of the purple belt light feather division. The match was 15 minutes of no points fighting, each competitor looking for the submission. The match was back and forth each competitor utilizing dynamic open guard techniques against strong passing efforts. The match ended in a draw. The division had only three competitors which resulted in a coin toss to determine who would advance to the finals. JM lost and Brian advanced. Matt was to fight JM, but JM forfeited in order to allow Matt to fight Brian fresh. Brian ultimately won via armbar and the results were Brian first, Matt second, JM third, even though JM and Brian fought to a draw and Matt lost to Brian.

Matt, JM and Brian fought absolute purple. Brian fought hard against 185 Lb Todd Kelly. Brian found himself on top of the fight until he was swept and submitted. Matt fought Todd next and was submitted via kimura after a sweep and a pass attempt that left his arm exposed. JM fought Bashir to a draw after an extremely exciting, high paced match.

In summary, the day was eventful and will inspire harder, more adept training as we advance to the next tournament. Great job VIBJJ!