At Van Isle Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we are proud to offer the most in depth Jiu Jitsu programming in Victoria. We offer three modalities of Jiu Jitsu which have been fashioned so that anyone who has the desire to integrate jiu jitsu and fitness into their life, can do so seamlessly.

We are happy to say that we offer the most adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in Victoria by a longshot! This is what we do! Our rates offer the most affordable training time to membership ratio in town, however we offer a full one week free trial so you can decide on whether our academy is the right fit for you before ever deciding to become a member.

Our goal is strictly quality.

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We are proud to offer the most comprehensive Fundamental Jiu Jitsu program on Vancouver Island. Our Foundations program offers those new to Jiu Jitsu the building blocks that form the back bone of the art.

Designed in a remarkable fashion, our foundations program is tailored in such a way that it is easily understood, digested and performed by virtually anyone regardless of age or physical limitations. We have two modalities of foundations, Foundations 1 and Foundations 2.

Fundamentals self defense is geared directly towards self-protection and preparation for undesired street altercations against an unskilled and extremely aggressive adversary. Fundamentals (regular) is geared towards providing our members the base strategies techniques and understanding of dealing with a person familiar with grappling and BJJ.


*let us know of your previous BJJ experience / request to join intermediate classes & reason for doing so.

We are extremely satisfied with our intermediate program. In this program, we share the refined principles and techniques that have allowed us to become champions of the Pacific Northwest. This program is designed to give our members a solid Jiu Jitsu understanding in addition to the base which has been built through the foundations classes. In this class, students will begin to build a Jiu Jitsu identity and style that is unique to themselves, while continuing to master a unique array of technique and strategies.


This is where we take it to the next level! Learn the strategies that have made us one of most respected jiu jitsu academies in the pacific northwest! Our instructors will share with you, the knoweledge that has allowed them and their students to reach the world jiu jitsu podium!


Technical drilling class is designed to give you, the student, the opportunity to review, drill and master the moves of your choice. These could be moves we have been working in class, you've learned elsewhere or have been experimenting with in rolling. The idea is, that you build a BJJ style unique to yourself and you NEED time to perfect your own game in addition to the techniques we drill in class.

Technical drilling class is a one hour class with five rounds of 5 minutes drilling for each partner with 2 minute breaks in between rounds. It is EXPECTED that you come to technical drilling class with the techniques you wish to drill already prepared so that the drilling is maximized. This is a FOCUSED class and open chatting, and lounging about will not be tolerated. This class is for those who wish to improve they're Jiu Jitsu.


Members of any club and affiliation are welcome provided they are respectful of their training partners and the club. This is an opportunity to network, drill, roll (spar), chit chat, visit, teach, learn, share, make plans, invent, experiment, trade, and have fun! There is no formal instruction, and playfulness is encouraged. Open mat is a reduced drop in fee of $10.